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Memory Con
March 2025
Silicon Valley, CA


Here's a selection of useful resources to learn more about the event, our Partners, and what is happening within the industry. 

Latest News

  • Samsung
    Discover what Samsung Semiconductor showcased, highlighted, and presented at MemCon 2024! Read on to find out more...
  • Business Wire
    Business wire on "Samsung Demonstrates New CXL Capabilities and Introduces New Memory Module for Scalable, Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure at Memcon 2024" Read on...
  • Tech Radar
    Check out Tech Radar's article by Wayne Williams on "Samsung confirms next-generation HBM4 memory is in fact Snowbolt — and reveals it plans to flood the market with precious AI memory amidst growing competition with SK Hynix and Micron" Read on to find out more...
  • The Korea Economic Daily
    Korean Economic Daily on "Samsung set to triple HBM output in 2024 to lead AI chip era" by Jin Suk-Choi. Read on to find out why "the world’s largest memory chipmaker, will likely triple its high bandwidth memory (HBM) chip production volume this year from last year’s output..."
  • Yahoo! Finance
    Yahoo! shares Business wire's article on "Samsung Demonstrates New CXL Capabilities and Introduces New Memory Module for Scalable, Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure at Memcon 2024" Read on...
  • The Malaysian Reserve
    Check out the Malaysian Reserve's article on "XConn Technologies Releases Early Production Silicon Samples of “Apollo” CXL 2.0 Switch at MemCon 2024"Read on to find out more...
  • The Next Platform
    Find out "HOW TO BUILD A BETTER “BLACKWELL” GPU THAN NVIDIA DID" by Timothy Prickett Morgan on the Next Platform. "While a lot of people focus on the floating point and integer processing architectures of various kinds of compute engines," read on for more...
  • Data Science Central
    Check out Alan Morrison's article on Data Science Central surrounding "Gen AI's Memory Wall". Alan discusses some key takeaways from MemCon 2024, the era of trillion-feature LLMs and GPU super chip big iron, current realities and future dreams, and more... Read on...
  • Tech Arena
    TechArena's host Allyson Klein chats with EY’s Global Innovation AI Officer, Rodrigo Modones, about what he’s seeing from clients in their advancement with AI... Read on to find out more...
    As the world focuses on GenAI, there is still plenty of other computing going on worldwide. Doug Eadline's article focuses on MemCon's insights into CXL, HBM, GenAI, and more...
  • Tech Arena
    "When you consider the massive investment in industry innovation based on AI, it doesn’t take too long to realize that cutting edge AI models are being constrained..." -Allyson Klein. Read on...
  • Rambus
    Take a look back at a recap of MemCon 2023 -the industry’s first conference entirely devoted to all things memory, with Mark Orthodoxou by Rambus Press.
    Samsung Electronics has unveiled a next-generation memory solution that can be applied to ultra-large AI at the global AI semiconductor conference. Read the full article by Jung So-yeon on IT TIMES.
  • Tech Arena
    Check out this article by Allyson Klein on Tech Arena titled 'MemCon and the Path Forward with Memory in a Post Moore’s Law World'. Explorations observed from the first ever Memory focused event!
  • Tech Arena
    Allyson Klein interviews AMD's Mamesh Wagh about AMD's Gen 4 EPYC processors entering the CXL platform market and their strategy for future innovation with CXL capability.
  • Nikk Tech
    Dive into an article on Nikk Tech, titled, 'Samsung Semiconductor Joins MemCon 2023 as Founding Member; Showcases Latest Memory Solutions for AI'.
  • Design & Reuse
    Check out this blog post on Design & Reuse, titled 'A Recap of MemCon 2023 with Mark Orthodoxou' - the industry’s first conference entirely devoted to all things memory!

On-Demand Webinar:

Watch this webinar in partnership with Kove on March 6th, 1pm EST, which will give you a taster of "Software-defined memory finally breaks the memory wall".

How can you scale memory to achieve any size needed in real-time, dynamically, even over distance on standard hardware, and still achieve local performance?

Find out in this short, interactive webinar that delves into Kove: SDM™ – the world’s first fully mature software-defined memory solution. Red Hat’s Global Chief Architect will elaborate on the remarkable performance achieved when deploying Kove: SDM™ on Supermicro hardware with Red Hat OpenShift. Empirical findings reveal power savings from 12-54%, near-local CPU performance, and remote memory performance superior to local memory performance.

Furthermore, gain insights from a prominent Swift expert on how they are changing the game for preventing economic crime for their customers with Kove: SDM™, where the stakes couldn’t be higher.